My Showreel is a Storyreel

How Ghanaians Experience Corruption

You can only fight what you know. This documentary follows three research assistants of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) as they ask citizens on how they perceive and experience corruption.

- Client: Accountability, Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Programme ARAP (implemented by FIAPP, funded by the European Union)

- Produced by Elio Stamm, assisted by Henry Desouza Nelson and Joseph Akwasi Akiwumi.

Immediate Diagnostics for Trauma Patients in Rural Ghana

At Holy Family Hospital in Techiman, an improved emergency department and the only CT scanner within hundreds of kilometers are crucial for saving the lives of road accident victims. The project is a blueprint for how health care business models in countries with limited resources can work.

- Client: Siemens Healthineers via Primafila AG (agency)

- Directed, shot and edited by Elio Stamm

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Francis Wood - From Finance to Food Trucks in Ghana

Francis Wood, son of a diplomatic family, has lived most of his life abroad - in the Diaspora. Until he decided to leave a successful career in the finance world to invest time and money in business ventures in Ghana, his country of origin. Thanks to the returnee and his partners, "Panda Wok" food trucks serving Chinese food are now a common sight on the streets of Accra. A short documentary portrait following Francis in his business and private endeavors in Accra, Ghana. Inspired by the influence the Ghanaian Diaspora can have in the development of the nation and the Year of the Return.
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- Independently produced

- Directed, shot and edited by  Elio Stamm

Saving Lives of Mothers and Newborns in Ghana

We follow midwife Veronica Atikpoka Atinga as she helps delivering babies at her small health centre in Bongo Soe in the Upper East Region of Ghana, without the help of a doctor. #Mother Baby Friendly Health Initiative (MBFHI)

- Client: UNICEF/Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

- Director, Second Cam and Editor: Elio Stamm. DOP/Editor: Joseph Akwasi Akiwumi. Assistance: Henry Desouza Nelson.

Improving Road Safety in Accra

Ghana's capital Accra has been creating safer streets through the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety. Serious injuries at infamous hot spots such as the La Paz intersection have since dropped significantly.
- Client: Osmosis Films for Bloomberg Philanthropies

- Field Producer, Director and Second Camera: Elio Stamm. Concept/Edit: Osmosis Films, New York. DP: Alex Ahenfo, Assistance: Henry Desouza Nelson. Sound: Rapamaizin

Kirchengeburtstag verbindet Generationen und Kulturen

Verschiedene Chöre und die Albanermission, bei der der langjährige Seelsorger Don Agim seinen Abschied feierte, sorgten für ein spezielles Patrozinium 2019 der Pfarreien St. Michael - St. Anton. Wir waren bei den Vorbereitungen und dem grossen Tag dabei.

- Client: Katholische Kirche Stadt Luzern

- Konzept/Kamera/Schnitt: Elio Stamm

Being Blind is not Stopping Adam from Becoming a Teacher

Adam Halidu is studying at NJA College of Education in Wa in Ghana's Upper West. The college improved the situation for visually impaired students using a Challenge Fund grant from the Transforming Teacher Education and Learning (T-TEL) Programme.

- Client: Transforming Teacher Education and Learning (T-TEL)/UK aid

- Director, Camera and Edit: Elio Stamm. Second Camera and Assistance: Henry Desouza Nelson

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Strengthening German-African Dialog About Digital Issues

In mid December 2018, Europe's largest internet and digital society conference re:publica for the first time took place on the African continent. In Accra, Ghana, experts, organizations and interested individuals exchanged views on today's digital issues.

- Client: German Information Centre Africa

- Filmed and Edited by Elio Stamm, Second Camera/Assistance: Henry Desouza Nelson

Mango Diseases Are a Challenge for Producer in Ghana

Drying and exporting mangoes has been a success story for hpw fresh & dry ltd. The quality of the raw material the company sources in Ghana has to improve however. Too many fruits don't pass the high standards, costing the the company and the supplying farmers.

- Client: hpw fresh & dry ltd.
- Director, Camera and Edit: Elio Stamm; Second Camera and Assistance: Henry Desouza Nelson

For a Sustainable Cocoa Value Chain

The Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa unites actors from the cocoa and chocolate industry, the public sector, non-governmental organisations and research institutes with the goal to promote sustainability in the cocoa value chain.

- Client: Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa / State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) of Switzerland

- Director, Camera and Edit: Elio Stamm. Second Camera and Assistance: Henry Desouza Nelson

UNFPA Youth Fellows Get Their Own Loft

UNFPA Ghana's Youth Leaders Fellowship Programme gives 16 young talents a chance to shine. Thanks to the newly opened Orange Loft, the fellows finally also have their own space. And what a space it is. Hear more about the idea behind it and join the tour.

- Client: UNFPA Ghana

- Director, Camera and Edit: Elio Stamm. Second Camera and Assistance: Henry Desouza Nelson

Discussing Business Between Africa and Germany

The 3rd German African Business Summit brought hundreds of stakeholders to Accra, Ghana, to network and build new ties between German and African Business.

- Client: German Information Centre Africa / Delegation of German Industry and Commerce (AHK) Ghana

- Director, Camera and edit: Elio Stamm. Second Camera, Sound Assistance: Henry Desouza Nelson.

UNICEF influencers campaign for #ForEveryGirl

Ghanaian musicians Wiyaala, MzVee, M.anifest and sports journalist Gary Al-Smith use their fame to to support UNICEF's campaign #ForEveryGirl that aims to improve the situation of adolescent girls. In February the four influencers visited Ghana's Northern Region.

- Client: UNICEF Ghana

- Directed and edited by Elio Stamm, filmed by Henry Desouza Nelson

Guinness Ghana's Use of Local Raw Material

Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd (GGBL) is sourcing nearly 50 percent of its raw material from local producers. This documentary looks at how this has changed the lives of local farmers, aggregators and factories.

- Client: ReelMaker Studios for Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd (GGBL)

- Shot and directed by Elio Stamm. Concept and Editing by Joseph Akwasi Akiwumi. Assisted by Henry Desouza Nelson.

Fighting for Renewable Energy in Ghana and all of Africa

350 Ghana Reducing our Carbon (G-ROC), the Ghanaian chapter of the movement, is stepping up on climate action demanding leaders to act on climate change and energy challenges.  A portrait in documentary form and a short social media video.

- Client: 350 Africa

- Produced by Elio Stamm, assisted by Henry Desouza Nelson.

Birkenhof - Ein normales Leben

Wohnen in familiärer Atmosphäre; Freizeit die Spass macht; Arbeit, die nicht zu schwierig und nicht zu einfach ist. Diese Prinzipien bietet die Stiftung Birkenhof Berg Menschen mit einer geistigen Beeinträchtigung, wie dieses Video-Portrait zeigt.

- Auftraggeber: Stiftung Birkenhof Berg

- Konzept, Kamera, Schnitt: Elio Stamm.

New Policy for a Child-Friendly Justice System in Ghana

Every year, thousands of children in Ghana come into contact with a justice system ill prepared to deal with them in a child-friendly way. The government with support from UNICEF has therefore launched a new Justice for Children Policy to strengthen the formal and informal justice systems and to improve the collaboration between the two. This documentary showcases the issues and the change by giving a voice to different involved stakeholders, from a juvenile offender to representatives from the police, Legal Aid, UNICEF as well as the Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Nana Oye Lithur.

- Client: UNICEF Ghana

- Produced by Elio Stamm, August/September 2016, assisted by Henry Desouza Nelson.

Registering Children Using Tablets

35 percent of children in Ghana are without a birth certificate to proof their existence. A new project supported by UNICEF and mobile operator Tigo uses tablets and mobile internet children to register children in remote areas of the country within minutes.

- Client: UNICEF Ghana/Tigo

- Produced by Elio Stamm

Shea Butter Stakeholders Meet Up

The Shea 2016 Conference in Accra, Ghana, brought together stakeholders of the Shea industry, from big multinational companies to women producing Shea butter on a small scale in the rural areas of the Sahel zone.

- Client: Global Shea Alliance

- Produced by Elio Stamm

United to Help Millions of Dreams to Come True

United to Help Millions of Dreams to Come True is a short video about a collaboration between UNICEF and the FC Barcelona Foundation. Elio Stamm contributed raw footage (interviews and b-roll). He was filming in the Eastern Region, Ghana.

- Clients: UNICEF Ghana/FC Barcelona Foundation

- Produced by Elio Stamm, assisted by Henry Desouza Nelson.

Birth Registration in the Pacific Islands

Supported by UNICEF the small Pacific Island States Kiribati and Solomon Islands have successfully stepped up their efforts to raise the Birth Registration Rate. In the Solomon Islands registring births is a logistical challenge. With the help of nurses who help recording vital data from new born children in even the most remote places, the nation is moving forward towards its goal to register all its citziens. For Kiribati registring all citizens is all the more necessary as the small atoll island state faces the threat of loosing its home land due to rising sea levels.

- Client: UNICEF Pacific

- Produced by Elio Stamm.

After the Flood - Documentary

On the 3rd of April 2014 flash floods hit Honiara, capital of the Solomon Islands. Elio Stamm's 30 minutes long documentary looks at the aftermath of the flood and shows what happens in a poor South Pacific nation when 10'000 people, most of them illegal settlers, are left homeless and conflicts arise.


Am 3. April 2014 traf eine Flut Honiara, die Hauptstadt der Salomoninseln. Elio Stamm's 30 minütiger Dokumentarfilm schaut sich die Nachwehen der Flut an. Er zeigt, was für Konflikte in einem armen Staat im Südpazifik ausbrechen, wenn 10'000 Menschen, die meisten von ihnen illegale Siedler, ihr Zuhause verlieren.